Over 25 years of experience in planning, development, architecture, construction, teaching and business. I am an experienced University Professor, Operations Manager and maintained my own architectural practice for over 12 years with a staff of 14.  My work has varied from being lead Architect for the $7M renovations for NASA to design and construction of single family homes and additions.  My clients have included major corporations, developers, and known individuals for large scale multifamily, medical, retail, high rise, commercial, and single family residential. I am fully versed in the public bid process and the demands of the private sector.  I have unique qualifications in ccessible/universal design and historic preservation.


I bring a global concept of planning, architecture and business from extensive travel and living overseas.  I am US Citizen.  Settled with my young family in Hillsborough, NC from Piran, Slovenia in 2007. For enjoyment,  I build web sites, am involved in an archaeological dig, restoration of NC farm and the study of horology.

This is link to one of my web sites on Eno Village that is an innovative, but traditional idea for housing:   https://enovillage.wordpress.com/

OTHER  I create web sites to  efficiently and effectively communicate during construction because they can be one of the fastest and most secure ways to share and maintain project information. During the construction the web site can be password protected, but after construction a web site can be an important historic document that can also be used in the marketing process for future projects.  This is a web site I did for a project on an Orange County NC project:     https://500valleyforge.wordpress.com/

CONTACT:  Statler@Outlook.com or at 919.732.6123

January 2017


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